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Elton Hollis Tips For Running A Thriving Business

For the people who are experienced working in a company, running their own business might be a little easier. But for others, starting a business alone and running it can be filled with anxiety, stress, and pressure. In this kind of situation, getting help from a mentor or working with a professional agency can save the business. 

The Golden Triangle Industrial Group is one of the most famous companies that is helping new and local business owners to become successful. Elton Hollis is the co-founder of the agency and has numerous proven track records for growing a profitable company. As a result of working with hundreds of ventures, Elton has a unique insight into building a thriving business.

Business owners and entrepreneurs need help even when they are successful. Elton in the recent interview shared that “ It’s normal to feel stuck while running a business. This is the chance where you can relearn, reinvest, re-energize and rebuild a profitable company”. 

Hol-Tech Resources LLC, which Elton owns,  is one of the best firms to reach out to to get effective business ideas, consulting, and training. The company works with a variety of businesses from local & small to big enterprises and global organizations. Here are some of the tips from Elton Hollis for businesses that are looking for growth:

  • 60/ 40 Rule: Elton believes in time management and recommends every business owner to find a way to prioritize working and brainstorming time. The first 60% of the day must include working on a project that needs to be finished. During this period there should be no distraction and the individual should have complete focus on finishing the task. The rest 40% (20% for planning & 20% for strategy creation) should be dedicated according to the need. This way the business owner can find resources, track business performance, implement customer care strategies and find profitable plans of action. 
  •  Multiple Channels: To run a business commercially successful, there need to be multiple ways for reaching the customers. For beginners, it’s crucial to create a website so that the business will have an online presence. After that, the company should focus on content marketing so that the customers find the business online while researching their problems. Additionally, a business should have a strong social media presence to engage with targeted customers. 
  • Testimonials: In business, customer reviews are the number one resource that helps a business know about their service and changes that have to be made. When the clients are happy about the product they will write testimonials for the company website. So, whenever potential customers read about past clients’ experiences, they will be motivated to make the purchase of the product & service. 

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