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Tyler King Sharing A Voice Behind The Bars To Reform Criminal Justice

To live a life in freedom and harmony there needs to be proper criminal justice reform. Things like overcriminalization, police brutality, racial profiling, and more should be regularly voiced and amend with positive changes as soon as possible.

Key Points: 

  • Many innocent people around the world are serving decades or more in prison because of wrong judgments. 
  • There are always opportunities for people who want to change their life.

  • Every individual needs to know their rights & take the stand on any kind of injustice.

To attract the attention of the audiences, many media companies dramatize the situation and often victimize innocent people. The way news is shared, people are frequently criminalized without proper evidence. 

But now things are turning around. All thanks to Tyler King!

Successful entrepreneur Tyler has put out a strong voice against injustice. With his NGO “ A Voice From Prison” he has shared a lot of legal information that everyone has to know. With the increasing number of people checking his advice and thoughts, big media publications are reaching out to him to share the true story behind his indictment. 

Not only in social causes, but Tyler is also active in helping businesses to grow with innovation. He and his company get to the root of the client’s company’s problems and fix them permanently.  

Tyler King Sharing A Voice Behind The Bars To Reform Criminal Justice

Tyler King is continuously applying his consulting methodology to criminal justice reform. Being a victim of false offense, Tyler understands the need of sharing his voice about invalid and corrupt cases. To avoid people suffering in such instances, he advocates evidence based research materials and services for the people.

Tyler King says “All the things people say in a complaint might not be true. As responsible individuals/officials, they must hear both sides of the story before breaking into houses and taking people away to lock them up”.

There are many people who are in power and influence law & the government. Regular individuals are often getting sentenced to years in prison for someone else’s crime. This has to be changed and the rights of normal people should be taken care of properly. 

The voice of the entrepreneur, Tyler ( CEO of Assuras ), can’t be overheard. He has started the platform to bring the change and we all have to join to build a strong community. 

To make the world better, people need to know about their rights. This way humans can live in harmony and never get falsely treated by people in power.  Tyler King is raising the voice for all the people behind the bars with “A Voice From Prison”.  

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