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Award Winning Artist Lex Lumiere’s Hot NFT Collection

Friendly but shy, artist Lex Lumiere will humbly enter a room with a warm smile, greet you and exit just as quickly. Leaving you to discover through the grapevine she is in fact a Visual Arts Headliner and considered a Arts Ambassador for the State of Texas, descending from a family of award winning artists. Her grandparents Frank and Bea Cricchio owned a commercial photography studio for 50 years, but spent their lifetime sponsored by Kodak and Fuji, holding many prestigious awards as minority business owners including the United Nations Award for Photographic Excellence. A family, internationally known for providing art to support charity auctions in order to help those empowering our communities.

Through her father, Lex Lumiere is the ancestor of Captain Joseph Broussard, through Claude‘s lineage; mixed with French, Spanish and Apache indian. A very distant cousin to Beyonce whose lineage is through Amand, also creole mixed with African-American blood by marriage. Making Broussard’s sons, their great grandfathers x 6, brothers. They both are Olympians for creative excellence; one for visual art, the other through music. In 2015, Lex was sponsored by the former Hamptons Group of New York and luxury art collector Rick Freidman as the only Texas artist and minority female to represent her State for the Houston Fine Art Fair across from Picasso. Bringing Lex Lumiere’s series ‘Breaking Borders’ exhibited at the Louvre Museum and published in June of 2015 for the ‘ Exposure Award ‘  to America for the first time. A tribute to artist Ai Weiwei from China, Lex’s signature controversial pop color photographs, highlighting human rights abuses proving solitary confinement is considered a crime in 21 countries to benefit charity, Pencils of Promise.  

In Fall, Lex Lumiere would survive a near fatal head-on car collision with a DUI driver that totaled 3 cars including the car she was a passenger in. During six months of rehabilitation from her injuries she shifted her studies into integrative medicine, specializing in PTSD, anxiety and trauma recovery to help people heal. While volunteering at the local Star Of Hope homeless shelters to help teach children how to cope with the trauma they experienced in their own lives using therapeutic arts and what she learned from her own healing journey. 

The following year in 2016, Lex’s exhibit ‘Intuition‘ would intrigue 7000 visitors as she shared for the first time publicly through art, her near death experience at age 15, for a private auction benefiting charity St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. When Beyonce and Jay-Z filmed their “Apeshit” music video in the Louvre Museum in 2018; Lex and Beyonce became the first relatives and artists in history to showcase their unique forms of art in the world renowned museum in the same decade and century.

In the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Lex Lumiere only exhibited at Nance and Hardy Studios, 10 x 10 Art Show in January of 2020. In February, she was part of the team Tim Tebow Foundation: Night to Shine, right before the coronavirus safety mandates crashed like a tidal wave closing art galleries and businesses. To support Suicide Prevention Campaigns like the Trevor ProjectLex Lumiere began teaching a free therapeutic arts class out of The Path Of Tea, a local store, for six months live on Youtube and Instagram weekly to help people process the isolation and trauma of the pandemic to help save lives. In July, Lex reemerged to facilitate a Wine Wednesday: Therapeutic Art Class for Tony Robbins: Comeback Challenge private Facebook group to support his charity, Feeding America project. Surprisingly, in October, in the midst of lockdowns, the Houston Texans, NFL Football team nominated artist Lex Lumiere for the 2020 Campeón de la Comunidad Award, presented by Miller Lite, personally nominated by the Mayor of Houston for her outstanding work for both the arts and charity. In August, Lex contributed art to The World’s Largest Kindness Event hosted by Lady Gaga and Crayola Collection for the Guinness Book of World Records. In December of 2020, fifty thousand dollars in art prints from the Louvre showcase would be stolen from the Christmas Boat Parade Auction for charity in California. None of which stopped Lex as she would become a Citizen Artist for the United States Department of Arts And Culture, releasing an art podcast on Spotify

Instead of slowing down due to limited resources and sponsorship, Lex did what her family is known best for in their 100 year tradition of uplifting others and providing art for the following philanthropy auctions still hosting events as the rest of the world stood still: Federal Communications Bar Association (FCBA,) Houston Children’s Museum – A Marvelous Night Virtual Gala, selling ‘The Golden Duck,’ a hand painted sculpture piece, covered in 23 karat gold leaf from Manetti of Italy, Project Angel Food : Angel Auction providing a mystery box with the #2 Red Sand sculpture piece along side artist Keith Haring and a guitar signed by Katy PerryUUCPA, Planting Our Paws : 2021 Virtual Auction for Tiny N Tall Rescue for animals, and the Art & Wine Walk hosted by Mission Jade to end human trafficking. Lex released her first set of NFT‘s on Mintable in tribute to the athletes of the delayed summer 2020 Tokyo Olympics held in July 2021, right before Stan Lee, the creator of Marvel’s auction. In October 2021, culminating the year by facilitating a national Therapeutic Arts Class for Girls Night Live and hosting an Astros World Series Watch Party : Autographed Baseball Auction (by Hunter Pence) through Ebay benefiting charity, The Rose, free breast cancer clinic. Even though her grandfather Cricchio passed away (the day before) Christmas Eve, Lex still showed up smiling at the 42nd & 43rd City Wide Club of America’s annual Superfeast events that feed 3 Million families and children in need every year during the holidays, in a pandemic. Closing the year by presenting to Houston City Council on behalf of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) as a Survivor of a DUI crash before their holiday Texas Candlelight Vigil having three of Lex’s art works receive the Short List Award, and become part of Pfizer’s corporate art collection for #ScienceWillWin, a loving tribute to all her grandparents that died of different forms of cancer.

In 2022, Lex Lumiere raced out of the gate creating art in January for Sikkema Jenkins & Co exhibit in New York to support Visual Aids, while also introducing her nephew Vance to the fine art circuit by exhibiting his artwork in his first professional art show. She then flew to Washington for the American Society of Photographers (ASP) Gala to receive her former grandfather Frank Cricchio’s ‘ASP International Award‘ on stage. The Frida Kahlo of this century also caught CoVid in the New Year but still provided testimony to Congress and the National Endowment For The Arts for CERA, to encourage the release of $300 million in grants to support artists of all genres nationally to survive financially in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic variants. Lex then dropped more NFT‘s in sets of three in tribute to; NASCAR, also releasing Valentines Heart’s titled: Faith, Hope & Love, and a 2022 Beijing Olympics set. A total of 12 to collect. Get them fast, while they are hot because Lex Lumiere is an artist to watch make history, on the rise. See her work here:

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