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Meet The Man Behind The Brandon Mason Show

American TV personality and Sports Analyst Brandon Mason, has shaken the entertainment industry with The Brandon Mason Show. He has an extreme entrepreneurship spirit and is committed to providing information to a global audience. Brandon on his show talks about unique & serious issues related to sport and regularly invites experts to share their perspectives.

Brandon is one of the TV hosts who creates authentic content. He believes to win any game it’s essential to work on things an individual is good at rather than copying other people. The value of his LIVE talk is unmatchable due to his personality, and it clearly shows how much knowledge and information he has about the sport. 

Brandon is a former athlete who grew up in New Jersey. During the early days, he knew that branding and social media marketing are essential for building a business. After his knee injury, he decided to pursue the entrepreneurial path. After some research, Brandon found out that many of his fellow players & other team members are lacking online visibility. That was one of the problems he could solve and make an impact at the same time, which led to starting The Brandon Mason Show.

Recently, I had an opportunity to meet Brandon. Taking it as an advantage I asked some questions that our sports readers frequently ask. 

Why do you think athletes need a sports agent?

Brandon: Lets face it, athletes sign with sports agencies in their 20s for the most part which is too young to really understand contracts and/or long term deals. If you sign with the right agency and circle yourself around the right team, it can slow down the stress of financial misunderstandings. In today’s world, athletes are well educated and take ownership of their future but the main issue and big question is “what to do when the game is over.” 

You may be a professional on the field but you must be even better off the field to achieve greatness long term.  Professional athletes need to understand that numerous people have become bankrupt after not being able to play. To have a successful career and a happy retirement, it’s essential to work with high end agents or management that has your best interest in mind.

What are the things top athletes do everyday?

Brandon: Athletes focus from morning to night on their craft, watch tons of film and spend lots of time in the training facilities rehabbing. Most of the world doesn’t see what goes on behind closed doors and rehab is more important than most.

What advice would you like to give to new entrepreneurs who want to be in the media business?

Brandon: The media gives almost everyone a chance to express themselves in any career by providing content. Social Media and the Web can produce a large amount of exposure which can be good and bad at times. They say “all press is good press” if you plan to trend in the media but there are tricks to the trade. Follow your favorites or mentors but always remember you are just starting and reward yourself for goals as you grow.

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