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Family- The potential to be the backbone for every entrepreneur

The family can be the most supportive but also most poisonous connection a person can have. It is always a very polarized relationship. People want to distance themselves from their relatives and want to be closely connected to them at the same time. The family is the most judgmental construct and can be very restrictive.

A lot of people move to other cities to have a new start, being away from their family because their connection is very emotional and complex. They see this as a possibility to be free, open to new opportunities, and separated from their past. They keep in contact with their family on a minimal level. 

A lot of parents might not know much about their children, their work, and their social life when they are grown up. The adult children donĀ“t share much about their lives and keep being physically and emotionally distanced from their families.

In most countries, it is very common to not be very close with the family. 

But having a good and healthy connection with the most loved ones has a huge potential for every entrepreneur. Having a real, honest and open relationship without any conflicts and disputes is a big benefit for every human because it strengthens the mind, body, and soul.

They can give you safety

A family is a strong and very emotional system in which a child grows up. As children, we always feel very safe when the father or mother is close. Growing up the importance of the feeling to be safe is getting low. In emergencies or challenging situations, this feeling of safety strengthens our minds. Having a good and healthy connection to the family helps to feel safe and to have a backbone that will always be there.

They can help

As an entrepreneur, the workload is big and sometimes it might be too much. Your family is here for you. They will help you without asking why. You will not be alone with all the things you have to do. 

They can give you a new perspective

New perspectives are essential for every business owner. They give new ideas, help to find a solution, and make the company successful. And people who can show you a new viewpoint are directly next to you. Call your mum or brother and they can give you their opinion or new idea.

They understand you

Your family saw you growing up and know your emotional and social background very well. They know how you might feel in certain situations and can support you emotionally by understanding your issues or ideas. 

They will catch you in an emergency

They can be your backbone in every case. They will be there for you whenever you need them. There is no hesitation or second thought. When something happens, they will catch you and make sure you are safe and things work out the way they should.

They can help you to be confident

Knowing that you have a whole family behind you, who will help you, understand you, and catch you in every situation, gives you confidence. You will be able to take new obstacles and challenges to grow as an entrepreneur. After all, you know that nothing will happen to you because you are surrounded by amazing people.