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Erica Rose Sanders Support her clients Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

Erica Rose Sanders is a successful Attorney, businesswoman, a caring mom, a devoted wife, and a passionate philanthropist. Most know Erica from her time on The Bachelor and her many times in front of the camera—after all, she is a television natural. What many people don’t know about Erica is that she has a big heart is completely devoted to many worthy social causes.

As a lawyer, Erica Rose Sanders is dedicated to helping her clients and has been known to go great lengths to support their cases and bring justice to their causes. Erica and her husband, Charles “Chuck” Sanders, spend a considerable amount of time and effort providing pro bono services to indigent community members, public speaking engagements to high school kids about the dangers and consequences of posting on social media, and contributing to non-profits that support positive change in society and Child Advocacy.

Erica Rose Sanders latest case speaks to her kind heart, her focused advocacy, and her commitment to justice. The case is Gill v. The Children’s Courtyard in Harris County, Texas and involves the Children’s Courtyard daycare center, which is a subsidiary organization of the The Learning Care Group. On this occasion, a day care center bus driver failed to stop when approaching oncoming traffic and instead accelerated the bus into stopped traffic. Consequently, the bus driver—and the children she was responsible for transporting—slammed into the back of a pickup truck going forty miles per hour. Everyone inside the bus went flying. Subsequent reports show that the children inside the Children’s Courtyard bus were not buckled.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services conducted a Child Care Investigation following the incident and found that the children were victims of neglectful supervision while in the custody of the Children’s Courtyard. Erica and Charles, along with their co-counsel, Andrew Cobos of the The Cobos Law Firm, now represent the families of three children who will forever be injured because of the negligence of the Children’s Courtyard.

“When parents drop their kids off at daycare, they’re putting their faith in the employees to protect their little ones to keep them safe,” said Erica. “At this Houston daycare center that didn’t happen.” Erica Rose is committed to ensuring that the Children’s Courtyard pays for the injuries it caused to these small children.

In addition to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, the Children’s Courtyard was also charged with numerous safety violations by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services.

At least one little boy had to learn how to walk again after the accident and at least two other little girls are physically and emotionally scared from the trauma. Erica is dedicated to getting these precious angels justice, that makes her an angel in my book.

The Betrayal and Tragedy of The Children’s Courtyard owned by The Learning Care Group

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