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The ultimate website for dog-friendly events and destinations in Los Angeles is!

In Southern California. one of the dog friendliest parts of the country, even the saviest pet parents need some insight on what to do and where to go with their furry friends.  

Dog Sniffer has solved this problem and has helped dog owners to find places where they can comfortably spend time with their pets without any worries. They provide an ultimate resource for everything and anything dog-related in your area! 

Dogs are a huge part of many people’s lives. Whether they’re family pets or service animals, it’s important to have access to all the great events out there that allow dog owners to spend time with them while having fun! With Dog Sniffer, an individual can easily find tons of dog-friendly events, businesses, vets, and more destinations that welcome dogs as part of their family (or as customers). 

Their comprehensive event listings make it easy to find something fun to do with your beloved dog no matter what your interest. So whether you’re looking for a new place to take your pooch.  

To find an event, simply enter the city into the search bar on the homepage. Once you’ve found an event, click on it to see more details. You can also add the event to your calendar so you don’t forget! If you’re looking for a specific type of event, dog park, or beach, you can use the filter function to narrow down your options. 

There are also a nice selection of great articles to review if you just want to find out what’s happening in the world of dogs, Dog Sniffer is the site for you!

There are plenty of benefits to having a pet dog, from the companionship that they bring to the unconditional love that they give. But still many people aren’t aware of how much value dogs add to their lives. If you have been thinking about getting a pet dog, it’s time to find out more about the benefits of having a dog before you make your decision! 

Benefits of having a dog in your life

You will be healthier: Owning a dog can decrease your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, boost your immunity, and help you to get more exercise. In fact, one study showed that dog owners were less likely to die from heart attacks or other cardiovascular diseases than those who didn’t have dogs.

Your mood improves: A study published in the journal Science found that people who had pets — dogs, in particular — had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. They also had higher levels of oxytocin, which is sometimes called the cuddle hormone because it’s released when we hug or bond with someone else.

It helps you be more social: We all know that having a dog can help us meet new people. Walking our dogs gives us an opportunity to strike up conversations with other dog owners, and we can even make new friends at the dog park. But did you know that owning a dog can also make you more social in other ways? People who own dogs are more likely to get involved in their communities. They’re more likely to vote, join community organizations, and even volunteer. So if you’re looking for a way to be more involved in your community, consider getting a dog!

It gets you outside more often: Let’s face it, most of us could use more fresh air and exercise. And what better way to get both than by taking your four-legged friend for a walk? According to one study, dog owners are 34 percent more likely to meet the recommended daily guidelines for physical activity than those without dogs.

It makes you happier: Dog owners are happier and less likely to experience depression than those without dogs. And it’s not just because they have someone to cuddle with when they’re feeling down. Dogs provide their owners with a sense of purpose and social support, which contributes to their overall happiness.

In Conclusion

Dogs are an essential part of our life and they help humans in numerous ways. As intelligent creatures of this planet, we all need to focus on building a dog-friendly community so we all can live in harmony. Dog Sniffer has been informing dog parents of their destination options in Southern California for years.  Check them out on social media, currently, their Instagram is followed by more than 12K people who own dogs (or love) and believe in their mission.

Follow them on Instagram at @DogSnifferIG and Twitter at @DogSnifferTweet for regular updates about the events, adoption opportunities, and more. 

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