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The Reviews on MindStir Media Are In: Good News If You Want to Self-Publish A Book

When it comes to self-publishing, it can be challenging to find reliable publishing companies that will help bring your book to life. Fortunately, LA-based MindStir Media has emerged as a reputable self-publishing company with excellent reviews from authors who have published their books through their platform. If you’re looking to self-publish and considering MindStir Media as an option, the following information and reviews might help you decide whether to choose them.

MindStir Media Origin

MindStir Media was founded by bestselling author J.J. Hebert in 2009. He has since helped publish over 1,000 titles. MindStir is also now partnered with Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank as well as Mariel Hemingway, the granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway. MindStir has received many accolades, including being named the no. 1 best book publisher in Los Angeles by the International Business Times. Stellar Business Awards also named MindStir Media the best self-publishing service. Websites like Penny Matters, Digital Journal and more list MindStir as the top self-publishing platform or website in the nation.

J.J. Hebert still runs MindStir Media in 2023 and mentors his author clients on marketing tips and strategies that he uses on his USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestsellers. Hebert writes for Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine as a business and self-publishing expert. Rick Harrison from the show Pawn Stars called MindStir Media “the best home you can find for your book” and Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank stated that “MindStir Media is led by #1 bestselling author J.J. Hebert, so you know you’ll be in good hands.”

Customer Service & Prompt Delivery of Services

Right off the bat, you’ll notice from customer reviews and client testimonials on the MindStir Media website that one of the most common compliments about MindStir Media has been their professionalism and courteous customer service. They treat their clients with respect and are always available to answer any questions and accommodate special requests. This care makes a significant difference in a highly competitive industry, and it goes a long way in establishing trust between the writer and the publishing company.

Another common thread in reviews about MindStir Media is their speedy publishing process. Clients have praised their prompt responses to inquiries and deliveries quicker than expected. This efficiency provides authors with security and builds that necessary trust with their publishing company, allowing them to focus on writing and marketing their books.

Experts Providing Creative Services for Authors

MindStir Media also has a team of book design and marketing experts at your disposal. If you’re not familiar with cover design, formatting, and marketing, MindStir Media has got you covered. Clients have given the thumbs up on MindStir Media’s creative process, and their willingness to help produce an excellent quality book. They also offer marketing services, giving authors a leg-up in a tough industry. Some of their book marketing services include book press release writing and distribution, celebrity endorsements, book reviews, author website design and development, author interviews and more. The CEO and founder of MindStir Media, J.J. Hebert, whose own books are bestsellers, also writes a blog in which he shares book promotion and marketing advice.

MindStir Media’s flexible approach to self-publishing is also worth mentioning. With different publishing packages, clients can choose one that fits their budget and book publishing goals. Packages start from simple ebook publication services to custom-tailored services like marketing and personal author coaching. This flexibility has enabled several authors to self-publish their books in whatever way they want.

It’s important to note that every company, no matter how good, can’t satisfy every client. Despite overall glowing, and near-perfect MindStir Media reviews, a small number of clients have said that they had minor setbacks with the publishing platform, but that those were resolved. The good news is that many reviews highlighted that MindStir Media’s customer service was always prompt and courteous in their efforts to resolve the issues. Every company is going to have issues from time to time; with MindStir, they take any issue very seriously and immediately rectify any issues immediately.

Review Examples from Clients

To get a clearer picture of how MindStir Media has worked with different authors, here’s a glimpse into some of the reviews of authors published with MindStir Media:

Author Michael Olin-Hitt shared his experience, saying that “[MindStir Media was] accommodating to all of my requests and kept me informed at every step of the process. The cover design, interior layout, and typesetting were beyond my expectations. The final product is gorgeous.”

Another author, Bracha Goetz, was also happy with the services. They said, “I had a wonderful experience with MindStir from start to end. I was pleasantly surprised at how personable and attentive they were. I felt supported every step of the way.”In conclusion, MindStir Media seems to be a dependable self-publishing company that values its clients. They have received high praise for their professionalism, customer service, efficient publishing process, flexible self-publishing options, and marketing services. While it is true that not every client may find the company perfect, it is impressive to see how they dedicatedly collaborate with clients in resolving issues. If you’re looking for self-publishing options or considering MindStir Media, reaching out to them for a free 1-on-1 consultation is a great start.

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