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Sci-Fi author Christopher Laird unveils the second edition of his first book ORIGINS.

 Best-selling author Christopher Laird has once again ignited the literary world with the release of the second edition of his debut masterpiece, “ORIGINS: THE SECRETS OF MYKIA.” This eagerly anticipated edition not only reaffirms Laird’s storytelling prowess but also marks a strategic reimagining of his inaugural work. With a dedication to enhancing the narrative’s nuances and delivering a fresh experience to his readers, Laird has expertly refined his tale while preserving its captivating essence.

Laird’s decision to revisit “ORIGINS” stems from a desire to spotlight previously understated elements that hold crucial importance within the grand tapestry of the story. “I really wanted to change some of the structuring of the novel, including the cover,” Laird candidly reveals during an exclusive conversation with The Los Angelers. “The story is still the same from the original, but we just focused on a different presentation.” This deliberate shift in focus underscores Laird’s commitment to the evolution of his craft and his unwavering dedication to delivering an enthralling experience to both new and loyal readers.

In this riveting science fiction saga, set against the backdrop of the 28th century, humanity finds itself thrust into a merciless battle for survival against an advanced and malevolent alien race known as the Ramassidors. The stakes are monumental, as the Ramassidors’ sinister intentions extend beyond mere conquest. Veiled in secrecy and obscurity, they harbor an agenda that transcends the bounds of ordinary conflict.

At the heart of this tumultuous tale stands Michael Stratford, a decorated war hero and captain of the Horizon—a pivotal figure within Deltacore, the interstellar military force tasked with combating the alien threat. Yet, Stratford harbors doubts about the ongoing war, prompting him to question the Ramassidors’ motives and the true nature of the conflict. These inquiries make him not only a target for those who would deceive him but also for those who seek his demise.

As Stratford delves deeper into the enigma surrounding the Ramassidors, he unearths a shocking revelation that transcends the scope of his initial concerns. With the fate of the universe hanging in the balance, Stratford becomes the linchpin of a mission that carries the weight of imminent extinction. The tension escalates as he races against time to decipher the truth and uncover a path to salvation.

As fans and newcomers alike dive into the pages of “ORIGINS: THE SECRETS OF MYKIA” second edition, they are invited to experience a familiar tale through an entirely new lens. Christopher Laird’s ability to revitalize his own work while maintaining its core essence showcases his commitment to the craft of storytelling and ensures that his literary legacy will continue to captivate and inspire for generations to come. You can checkout his website and purchase his book at His book is also available on Amazon.

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