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Los Angeles iconic soccer club LA Aztecs relaunching

With the 2026 World Cup on the horizon and soccer exploding across the state of California, one of Los Angeles most recognized soccer clubs looks set to be relaunched.

Once owned by music mogul “Elton John” the Los Angeles Aztecs had a roster of some of the world’s greatest players that included the late greats of George Best and Johan Cryuff. Supported by a strong passionate fan base, the LA Aztecs mixed Hollywood glamour with on the field quality, which in turn won the North America’s championship “Soccer Bowl” in 1974. During the club’s final years they also were led by Rinus Michels who is regarded as one of the greatest football managers of all time and the pioneer of “total football”.

Now, the iconic Aztecs are set to be reborn by English soccer expert Scott “Matchmakers” Michaels and his Football People Group, who have applied for the LA Aztecs US trademark with USPTO.

We reached out to Mr Michaels. In which he responded.

“Yes, it’s true, we are bringing back the Los Angeles Aztecs. I am very excited as the brand is so cool. We plan to launch the club first as an exhibition team not too dissimilar to the basketball team “Harlem Globetrotters”. Our focus is entertainment first and building a real connection with the fans. We plan to recruit some of the biggest names in world soccer to play for the Aztecs. For me personally, football (soccer) is a way of life not just a game and everyone should enjoy it, no matter who you are.

We also plan to play the LA Aztecs women’s exhibition game before the men’s which is just as important and will be held in the same esteem. Not only that, we will be opening up pathways from the NCAA colleges and the best local talent to develop and eventually play for the Aztecs under the clubs “total football” philosophy that was installed in the club by Rinus Michels almost half a century ago.

Our soccer days will be priced at great value and considered an affordable day out to bring the whole family. To satisfy our fans, our games will never end in boring draws as they will have exciting American style shootouts (which were discontinued in 1999 by the MLS) if at a stalemate.

The Los Angeles Metropolitan area has over thirteen million people and it is one of the greatest cities in the world. We are now in advanced talks with returning the Aztecs back home to the historic LA memorial Coliseum as well as play games at the brilliant Titan Stadium which is just on the outskirts of the city. Watch this space…”

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