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How to monetize your blog and earn passive income

There are various ways we can earn money through the internet. Right now with the growth of the internet and innovative software development, things have become way easier to make an income than at any other time in history. Whether you are a skilled painter, musician, athlete or any other professional making money on the side has also been possible.

Blogging has been one of the great ways people have been making money for the past 10 years. Even though there has been lots of new development in the online money-making process, blogging will still work in 2022. 

A blog can be monetized in numerous ways and can make a 6 to 7 figure income. For many people, blogging sounds small and makes cents but with the right action, it can be a thriving business. Because of a lack of knowledge on how to blog right many people never start. Blogging is easier than it sounds and is way effective for income generation.

One of the best ways to make high passive income is affiliate marketing.

As a beginner, many bloggers try to promote cheaper products which result in low commission. It’s necessary to understand that the amount of effort you put to promote a high pay affiliate product is the same as the cheap product. So, the confidence that you can sell a high ticket will bring you massive passive income that can support buying the things of your dreams.

If you don’t know affiliate marketing is a process of selling other people’s products/services and you get the commission out of it. Doing it right, one page of your blog can give you a couple of thousand to million in revenue every month or a year. 


As we all know, advertisement has been one of the ways many media businesses make money. Whether we talk about the TV, Newspaper, or online media, there are advertisements everywhere. Even Google makes tons of money through advertising and similar on their YouTube platform.

In the beginning, the earning from ads might be a couple of hundred dollars. As a business owner, you need to put that earning into an investment, so that the next money revenue will be higher. Doing this and making your blog bigger with traffic is one of the easy ways to benefit passive income in the future.


When you provide better content that helps the readers, people are willing to donate or pay for subscriptions. There are numerous kinds of subscription services you can provide to the audience and get paid every month. When people pay, you can take away the ads of your sites so the readers can get what they want from your content. Or you can send them exclusive information that is not available on your blog but only through email.

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This way of earning is getting lots of attention right now. Because of influencer marketing companies are willing to invest in sponsored posts rather than working with celebrities. Sponsored posts on good websites can provide visibility, increase the reputation and even bring sales to the investing companies. For a beginner blogger companies pay low but when you grow you and grow your authority, you can get paid on 6 figures for simply creating a post and publishing it on your website.

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