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Heading into the summer of 2022 consumers continue to spend more time at home exercising and working than ever before .

The sad reality is that many industries that were leading our markets  before the pandemic are close extinction  today. The fashion industry may be the exception to that. It looks to be that activewear and athleisure brands over the last few years have flourished more than ever. 

The majority of business meetings are  now  taking place via zoom, Skype and FaceTime. With this social change we now see leggings, sweatpants and loungewear  quickly becoming inherent pieces of our professional wardrobes. 

In 2021 the sports apparel market in the United States was valued at over 100 billion dollars according to

The market is  projected to grow to 130 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. 

People have questioned dress codes since the beginning of time. The pandemic hit us all hard and it seems that the overall consensus is that our society has reached a point of no return with their clothing selections. 

Society is now choosing clothing that is multifunctional. People want clothing that they can wear at home to their morning meeting , then out running errands then to meet up with friends for happy hour now that we are able to reconnect  without having to change into 3 separate outfits for the day. 

With social media becoming more and more of an important part of our world we also see influencer landscape has also been a huge indication of the rise of athleisure. 

Many influencers who who work daily alongside  the trends of the public seem to have a sixth sense and understand that people want multifunctional, but stylish clothing during this season.

 One that we have been hearing about over and over this quarter is Annie Boatright.  

We’ve been doing a little digging and there is quite a bit of anticipation around the launch of this brand.  Annie Boatright is the CEO of Bikini Iron Beauty. 

Annie is a leading influencer in the beauty and fitness industry according to Silicon Valley Times.

Her vision and team together have come together to create Bikini Iron Athleisure .

Bikini Iron  Athleisure was not only created for the gym but also for everyday wear . 

Annie Boatright, CEO of the brand believes in apparel that’s flattering to a woman’s body but is yet comfortable and can be worn everywhere . 

 Her seamless legging will hit the market this summer this August ,2022 . The leggings are made with advanced technology and an untreated high end blend fabric. Annie wanted the feel of the ever so popular Lululemon leggings without the high price tag.

“I took my favorite pair of lulus and tweaked them to make them better .  I love the soft naked buttery feel of lulus , but hate the front middle seam. It’s just not a vibe. That’s just not something that is flattering on a woman’s body. Crop tops are in, and girl we are wearing them. The last thing that we want to do is have the issue of searching for a top that is long enough to cover the crotch area in a pair of $120 leggings .  I just paid this high price for a pair of leggings, now have to cover them up? No thanks . I thought to myself , if I’m paying this much money for a pair of leggings they better be f*cling perfect . And although I loved the fabric of my Lululemons they weren’t perfect . The seams were all wrong . The back seam didn’t flatter the backside and the waistline . The height seemed off to me. So I set out to get it perfect and that’s what  I’ve done with Bikini Iron Athleisure. I know the world is going to love them!” ~ Annie Boatright 

Annie is set to shoot with world renouned VIBRVNT Visual Arts Co. mid June in preparation for the launch. 

You will be able to find the brand in gyms and boutiques all across the USA as well as on this summer ! 

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