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Distraction – How To Utilize Efficiently It As An Entrepreneur

Distraction is a challenge in everybody’s life. Our world is full of ways how to lose our focus. The streets are clustered with advertising screens and posters, people try to convince you to donate to their NGO or ask you to be part of a survey while a music band is playing nearby.

Being home the distraction does not stop. TV here, Netflix there, or the phone with all kinds of social media channels. With the digital world growing faster and bigger every day the ways of distraction are becoming more.

Staying focused is easy when we do something that we like. Watching a good movie is not difficult. But how hard do people try to avoid making their tax returns? It takes a lot of energy to stay with the paperwork and not get distracted by the phone or something else.

When we are not used to being focused for a longer perioda it is tiring and takes a lot of energy.

An example that a lot of people make is that being in school and directly going to university might be easier than taking a gap year because the person keeps up their routine of staying focused for a long time without getting distracted easily. Individuals who come back to university after some years of work often struggle with listening to the teacher for multiple hours because they are not used to the habit anymore.

Being an entrepreneur does take a lot of attention and concentration because everything must be kept in sight and mind.

Concentration and focus are not a given skill or talent, it is something that can be practiced and improved through regularity and routine. A part of that is always distraction!

Everybody came to this point where he/she is just sitting at the desk while the thoughts are wandering and the fingers unlocking the phone every two minutes to check if there are any new messages. These times are challenging but they also show us that we sometimes need a real distraction so we can get back to work freshly.

Most of the time distraction is a word with a negative connotation as it keeps us away from the essential work. But distraction is an amazing gift that helps us to recover and relax from our daily stress.

If distraction is taken as an active opportunity to take a break and fill up the human batteries it is incredibly important because it increases our efficiency and betters’ concentration and focus.

It is simple as this: working for some hours and realizing that the concentration goes down; leave the room for a limited time and distract yourself with whatever feels good that is not connected to your work. It is important to take a step out of the environment because otherwise the break is not clearly separated from work.

Going for a walk, watching funny videos, reading a book, or listening to a good song, the distraction is a way to give your brain a break. It furthermore allows you to get a new perspective on your business and goals. Together with regular exercise, enough sleep, and a healthy diet, it is a great habit for a successful business owner.

Important is that the distraction is an active step and not the common procrastination hack to get away from work. As a recreative and relaxing break, distraction is the best thing for entrepreneurs because it helps them to get new ideas, a fresh perspective, and a lot of energy to work on new projects to reach their full potential. Distraction is the best tool to increase efficiency and success.

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