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CreepTV Announces Second Movie With Victorius Kingston

CreepTV Productions announced the production of its upcoming horror-thriller “In the Family,” starring the talented Victorius Kingston in the lead role. The movie, directed by Harley Coleman, is currently in production, with filming commencing on December 3 in the vibrant city of Los Angeles.

A Unique Casting Approach

Breaking away from the norm, Victorius Kingston, not just the lead actor but also the producer of “In the Family,” decided to cast actors based on talent rather than relying on established Hollywood names. In a recent podcast appearance, Kingston expressed his frustration with the predictability of mainstream Hollywood, stating that he prefers working with genuinely talented individuals who are yet to become household names.

Kingston’s co-star in the movie, Stacey Wolowitz, joins him in another venture—the video game “Black Mamba 2099.” The game was co-written by Kingston and Roe Hyung-Joon, who also serves as the associate producer of “In the Family.”

A Love Story Behind the Camera

Adding a touch of romance to the production, Linnea Skarsgård, the casting director of “In the Family,” is none other than Victorius Kingston’s long-time girlfriend. The two have been together since middle school, on and off through the last 11 years.

Anouska Leigh: A Theater Star Transitions to the Big Screen

“In the Family” marks the cinematic debut of Anouska Leigh, a theater actress with an impressive 15-year career on stage. Leigh, who portrays Camelia, the mother of the Rosetti family, brings a wealth of experience to her first-ever film role.

The creative team behind the scenes

“In the Family” boasts a talented creative team, with Harley Coleman at the helm as the director and Victorius Kingston taking on the roles of writer, producer, and lead actor. The film’s budget, set at $2,350,000, reflects the commitment to delivering a high-quality production.

A Tale of Mystery and Family Secrets

The storyline of “In the Family” revolves around Alexey, played by Victorius Kingston, the only son of the Rosetti family. After a mysterious turn of events following his father’s untimely death, Alexey is sent away to a boarding school in Romania, leading to a four-year separation from his family. Upon his return to Los Angeles for his 18th birthday celebration, Alexey finds himself caught in a web of eerie occurrences that defy explanation, blurring the lines between dreams and reality.

Filming locations and cinematic craftsmanship

The film’s production spans two diverse locations: Los Angeles and Bucharest, Romania, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the narrative. The cinematography, led by Lou Rossi, promises to capture the atmospheric essence of both locales. The creative vision of the team is further enhanced by the contributions of talented individuals such as Jakob Chambers (composer), Waleria Starchuska (wardrobe artist), and Adara Pemberton (production designer).

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