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Connecting hearts and creating beauty together – Crush’s journey of social responsibility and impact

“I first used Crush on the eve of Valentine’s Day, when I was at a bar with my friends, hoping to find someone to spend Valentine’s Day with. At that moment, one of my friends suggested we try the dating app Crush, which we had often seen people using recently. The app was quickly downloaded, and my screen suddenly filled with a continuous stream of suitors. Albert, 30, on the deck of a boat with champagne, winking at me, swipe right; Thomas, 35, tall with beautiful dimples, swipe right; Evan, 26, just received his Master’s degree standing in the middle of the campus; too cute, swipe right! I soon experienced my first match, Thomas, who was “three kilometers away,” also liked me. My Valentine’s Day companion was settled just like that! After a long period of using Crush, I found that this dating app is not as simple as it seems. The app often holds many charitable activities that contribute to society, and I was deeply fascinated by this dating app.”

Advocating for Diversity and Inclusion

Crush is a platform specifically created for individuals with unique aesthetic preferences. We believe that beauty comes in many forms and should not be confined to a single definition or restriction. Here, users can freely select their aesthetic preferences or highlight their unique features, allowing those who seek unique beauty to discover them. Our platform is designed to facilitate equal exchanges among users from different backgrounds, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs. The goal of Crush is to create a diverse environment where everyone can find someone who meets their aesthetic, to explore and celebrate the infinite possibilities of beauty together.

To celebrate and recognize the importance of multiculturalism, Crush organizes a series of cultural celebration events every year. During this period, we share real love stories from around the world through our platform. These stories cover different races, sexual orientations, and cultural backgrounds, showcasing the diversity of love. At the same time, we are fully aware of the importance of technology product design in promoting inclusivity. Therefore, to ensure our app interface and user experience design consider the needs of a wide range of users, Crush has invested several resources. For example, we have added multiple gender identity options and allow users to customize the pronouns by which they wish to be addressed, ensuring everyone feels respected and included on Crush. We provide regular anti-discrimination training for all our employees, ensuring they understand and can identify potential biases and discriminatory practices, and take steps to prevent such behaviors on our platform. Furthermore, Crush also collaborates with external experts to provide users with resources and guidance on how to build healthy, respectful interpersonal relationships.

Promoting Public Welfare

Crush collaborates with several mental health organizations to launch a series of activities and resources aimed at raising awareness of emotional health. For instance, we partner with “GreenOpiem”. GreenOpiem is a green outdoor and earth-friendly organization that also provides mental health counseling and guidance services. We provide users with free online psychological counseling services and have established a dedicated mental health resource center within the app. Here, users can find professional mental health guidance and support. Moreover, we host a “Mind Connection Week” annually, featuring online seminars, interactive workshops, and sharing sessions. We invite mental health experts and influential figures to share their stories and strategies to help users build healthier self-awareness and interpersonal relationships.

Crush is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its business activities. We have implemented a comprehensive carbon reduction plan, which includes powering our servers with renewable energy, optimizing the application to reduce the energy needed for data transmission, and encouraging employees to adopt green transportation methods. To actively participate in the greening of the Earth, Crush has initiated the “Love Planting Trees” project. For every new user registration, we commit to planting a tree in various regions around the world. This project not only aids in environmental restoration but also allows our users to feel their positive impact on the planet upon joining. We believe that by actively engaging in and supporting these important areas, we can bring positive change to society and inspire our users and employees to become more responsible and influential members of society.

Contribution to society

At Crush, we firmly believe that the success of a business is not only measured by its economic gains but, more importantly, by its positive contributions to society. We are committed not only to providing a safe and inclusive dating platform for our users but also to making the promotion of social progress and positive impact our core mission. We pledge to continue playing a positive role in our platform, our community, and the world we live in. Crush aims to convey a deep understanding of and commitment to social responsibility, as well as the determination to make a positive impact in various aspects of society through concrete actions. We believe that through these efforts and achievements, we can deepen the trust and support of Crush by users and the public, while also inspiring more businesses to join us in driving society forward. We believe that every sincere connection has the power to change the world, and it all starts with our commitment to social responsibility. Let’s come together, using the power of each connection, to create a better tomorrow.

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